Yesterday I had a great morning.

One of the best I've had in a long time.

I slept for a total of 9 hours (with a few interruptions for back pain),

I got up and got a few chores done. 

I had to go to the social security building to get a new card, and it only took me 45 minutes to get in and out! I couldn't believe I hadn't spent the entire morning there!

I went home, set the kids to work on their chores, and went to the temple.

I had a wonderful session at the Jordan River Temple, with such a great spirit there.
I was flying on a high on life.

I came home and decided to fix a sticky door in my bedroom, so I went out to my tool shed/shop to get a wood chisel…

And then it happened…

The tool holders on my pegboard were falling off or fallen on the ground, and most of my tools were missing. I figured someone had knocked into the board and not replaced the tools they knocked down.

I was a little mad, but having been on such a high previously, I decided not to let it bother me. I started looking through the stuff on the floor, hoping to find my chisel, when I realized the floor was much more cluttered than normal.

And I couldn't find any tools on the floor.  Odd.

I decided I would just use my router to take out the wood I needed to remove, so I turned to the shelf where I keep it.

It was gone.

So was my circular saw.

And my 154pc tool kit.

And my belt sander, my scroll saw, my router table, my rechargeable drill…

I had been robbed!

After calling the police, and going through what was missing with LeAnn, I am missing almost $2000 worth of power tools and hand tools.

The thieves were quite selective as well, since they cleaned me out of hand and power tools, but left my new mower, my gas powered trimmer, all of my yard tools, shovels, pick, wheelbarrow, axe…

All of my camping gear, including my two camp stoves were still there as well.

I am beside myself today. I have never felt so violated, so paranoid. I will be fixing the door on the shed, and changing some of the locks.

What a day.



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