On our way home from Park City last night, my cast-mates from Poison Ivy Mysteries show "Club Mystique" and I were headding across the valley on I-215. Suddenly, the car to our left changes lanes into us, forcing Jim to quickly react and swerve off of the freeway onto the shoulder (and, thankfully, right back on to the road).

I was sitting in the back seat when this happened - just talking, and not paying a whole lot of attention to the other cars - and as a result my head whipped side to side and I smacked my head on the door frame. Today, my neck and back are killing me, and I have the headache from hell. You just gotta love whiplash.

We were all really lucky that Jim acted so quickly and didn't lose control of the vehicle!  I'm just wondering if anyone else is as sore as I am today.

-Papa Bear


12/30/2011 15:13

Hmmm. I think I'll take my bone spurs over your whiplash.


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