I had an old co-worker from the Beanry (Wow, that was a looooooong time ago) who couldn't remember me. :( 

Just kidding with the frown, because I only remember a couple of names from that time as well!  It's been like 25 years or so, too many names and faces have gone through my life to remember them all.

Please don't feel bad if you don't remember me, because unless I see a picture of you at that age, I probably won't remember you either. That's life, I guess.

On that note, here is a picture of me at age 17 (which is about when I worked at the beanry.

Wow, what a geek!


Lisa McOsker
10/25/2011 14:28

Hey there! I remember you looking like that.. Did you REALLY have to put how many years ago that was???? :)


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