When I last wrote, I had just been robbed, and I was in the beginnings of treatment for my back pain.

It's many months later, and here's the update:

After all was totaled up, I lost over $3,500 in the robbery, and most of it has not been replaced. The insurance paid up, but there was a $1000 deductable, so I lost out on that part as well.

Dr. Zaman saw me a few times and then told me "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do for your. You will have to find someone else to help you". I couldn't believe what I was hearing! What a jerk! Well, I went and found another pain specialist, and had 2 more sets of spinal injections - which didn't help - and then 2 sets of 4 injections in my neck to test if the nerve block would help. It didn't really do much, but Dr. Kahn thought RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) would give me some relief in my neck.  I had the left side of my neck done in Nov 2012, and within a couple of days it felt like someone was dragging a cheese grater across the occipital region of the left side of the back of my head all the way up to the crown. Along with the constant pain, I started having "spikes" of pain in the left occipital area that would bring me to my knees.

I then had the RFA on the right side of the neck about a month later, and it lasted a whole 3 days! (It's supposed to give me 6-18 months of relief.) At least I didn't get the whole occipital spike thing on the right side as well!

Treatment went on for a couple of months, without much help, and then I'm told that Dr. Kahn had left the practice, and my care was being turned over to the physician's assistant that worked with Dr. Davis - Dr. Kahn's partner. No problem, a PA has a lot of schooling, and is plenty qualified to give good care. However, Kyle didn't seem to care too much. I would complain about the occipital pain and spikes, and he would do nothing. I would complain again at my next monthly visit, and nothing. Finally after four months of complaining, he tried a nerve block in the scalp itself, which helped for about 24 hours and then petered out.

I tried yet again to get some relief, and to get Kyle to address the fact that in the last 9 months I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night because of pain... nothing.

I finally threatened to leave the care of their team and he stepped up and is trying me on a new medicine regimin.

He gave me another nerve block - 5cc's of fluid in the scalp, which burns like hellfire! This one helped quite a bit though. He also changed my neuralgia med to Lyrica, which seems to be helping with the occipital pain, but it costs me $149 per month - AFTER my insurance! I'm not sure what is worse, the pain in my head, or the pain in my wallet!

To top everything else off, my back has gotten so bad that I had to step down as a nurse and take a clerical job in the hospital. I like the work, but it sucks to give up a career that I had put over 20 years into.

On the plus side, my daughter Chrissy and her husband got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple along with their three kids!  A shining beacon of light in an otherwise painful existence.



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