I logged into my email this morning, not thinking anything was different in my life, and BAM!  I find out that I'm a millionaire!!!  That's right, Rolf Hoffman died, and left me over 12 million dollars!

Wait, who's Rolf Hoffman???  The only Rolf I know is a muppet. Hmm. Could this be a scam?!?  Noooooo... no one would try to get you to give out your information on the internet by telling you you've inherited a bunch of cash... would they?

Here's the email in all it's *ahem* Official Looking glory:

Maureen E. O'Brien <obrienme@sunysccc.edu> Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 3:51 AM

I wish to notify you that late Mr. Rolf Hoffmann made you the sum of
($12,030,000.00) in his WILL. Reply to 
I await your prompt response.
Yours in Service,
Andrew Tidbury Esq

Hmm... I guess I'm not going to be sitting in the lap of luxury today... Bummer.

-Papa Bear


03/20/2012 20:23

Hey! We can be millionaire's together! Uncle Rolf has always been so good to us!


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