Well, I now know what it feels like to have a heart attack.  NOT FUN.

Ok, It ended up not being an MI (myocardio infarction - or heart attack for the non-medical), but I was told that's what they feel like.  Here's the story...

On Monday, Dec 12 2011, I was at work putting a patient on dialysys when my chest started to hurt.  In the past two weeks I had had a few instances of a short-sharp pain in my chest, and I thought my pleuricy was coming back, so I ignored them and they went away.  On Monday, it didn't.  While I was putting the needles in my patient, I started hurting so badly, I had a hard time breathing. 

When I finally got my patient hooked up, I was panting for breath, sweating profusely, and hurt so bad in my left chest and shoulder I was afraid to try to walk.  I asked my patient to press the call button for help, and a coworker came in to see what was the matter (thanks, Reggie!).

I told her I thought I was having a heart attack, and she sprung into action. She grabbed an oxygen tank an mask and sent someone else for a wheelchair. Within 5 minutes, she had gotten me ready and personally wheeled me down to the emergency room.

Once in the ER, Janna and Matt took care of me. They started an IV, drew blood, got a chest x-ray and EKG.  I was in the ER getting tests done until noon when I was transferred to IMC Hospital to the Cardiac Outpatient Center where I underwent a nuclear stress test.

After another couple of hours of testing and waiting, I was told that my heart looks fine and it wasn't an MI. I have costochondritis - which is an inflammation of the cartillage between the ribs and breast bone. I am now on massive doses of anti-inflammatories to try to combat the pain and swelling. I am told it should resolve itself within a few days, but for now I feel like I keep getting kicked in the chest by a mule!

I'm just glad it wasn't my heart!  I'm way to young for that kind of crap!  Shut up, JC... I am too young!  ;-)

-Papa Bear


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