In April, LeAnn and I managed to ride a metric century (100km or 62 miles). Just after the first rest stop - about 20 miles in - LeAnn looked over at me and said "I haven't got another 20 in me". We talked as we rode, and she decided she would ride back to the train, and meet me at the end in Ogden.

She turned back, and I looked ahead and saw a group of riders, so I poured it on to catch them and ride with the pack. It took me a little over 10 miles to reel them in, and then shortly after I dropped them because they were going too slow for me.

I got to the next rest stop, refilled my bottles, ate a banana and was back on the road. I rode alone, occasionally being passed and occasionally passing and doing pretty well for riding by myself. When I was about 10 miles from the end, I started to cramp in my right quad. I slowed my roll, and tried to work it out. with about 5 or 6 miles to go, the cramp got so bad I had to stop. I got off my ride, and started working out the cramps - now in both quads and both calves.

After a few minutes, I was back on the bike and pushing toward the end. With about 3 miles to go, I picked up a screw in my rear tire. I heard it clicking on the ground, and quickly stopped. Luckily for me, it hadn't punctured all the way into my tube, so I was able to remove it and roll on.

I rode the last miles in, fighting cramps all the way, but I finished!

Then I looked for LeAnn, and couldn't find her! At that point, I realized I had her phone in my bags. I couldn't even call her! Wondering what happened, I pulled out my phone to call her brother Jeff, who was also on this ride, and saw I had a text message from a guy LeAnn and I had ridden together with in the first 20 miles. It said "... your wife is at the second rest stop and you have her phone".

At the second rest stop? How? She turned back. Didn't she?

About 10 - 15 minutes later, here comes LeAnn, rolling in under her own power across the finish line. I came to find out that when she was only a couple of blocks into her return to the train, she realized that I had her wallet and phone, so she turned around again and tried to catch me... and never saw me again until the finish. She came across the guy we had ridden with, and she told him what had happened. This wonderful man offered to ride with LeAnn for the rest of the ride so they could help each other out, and helped her finish on her own.

Fun, huh?

So now, we're getting ready for the Salt Lake Century - 100 miles from Salt Lake to Antelope Island and back. It's Friday, May 17th, and we need to check in and get our race packets. LeAnn and I were going to meet at the Galivan Center and check in together. As I left work, I saw the train was coming into the station - about 5 minutes early. I took off at a dead sprint to catch the train, and I felt a tearing sensation in my lower abdomen where I'd had a hernia repaired in 1991.

I made the train, and got to the Galivan Center... no LeAnn. I called her work phone... no answer. I called her cell... the same. I waited about 10 minutes and repeated the calls... no answer. Finally I left a message that I would go to packet pick-up and wait in line. I got us both checked in, and finally LeAnn returned my call. She had forgotten and lost track of time.

When she finally got there, we went to dinner, but I was having increasing pain in my abdomen. I finally agreed that I needed to be seen, and we went to LDS hospital. 5 hours and one CT scan later, I was referred to a surgeon to repair my newly ripped hernia.

Dr. Jackson checked me out Wednesday, and I'm up for surgery next Thursday, May 30th.

Oh, what fun. I missed a ride I had paid for, and now I get surgery. I just love my life sometimes.

Yesterday I had a great morning.

One of the best I've had in a long time.

I slept for a total of 9 hours (with a few interruptions for back pain),

I got up and got a few chores done. 

I had to go to the social security building to get a new card, and it only took me 45 minutes to get in and out! I couldn't believe I hadn't spent the entire morning there!

I went home, set the kids to work on their chores, and went to the temple.

I had a wonderful session at the Jordan River Temple, with such a great spirit there.
I was flying on a high on life.

I came home and decided to fix a sticky door in my bedroom, so I went out to my tool shed/shop to get a wood chisel…

And then it happened…

The tool holders on my pegboard were falling off or fallen on the ground, and most of my tools were missing. I figured someone had knocked into the board and not replaced the tools they knocked down.

I was a little mad, but having been on such a high previously, I decided not to let it bother me. I started looking through the stuff on the floor, hoping to find my chisel, when I realized the floor was much more cluttered than normal.

And I couldn't find any tools on the floor.  Odd.

I decided I would just use my router to take out the wood I needed to remove, so I turned to the shelf where I keep it.

It was gone.

So was my circular saw.

And my 154pc tool kit.

And my belt sander, my scroll saw, my router table, my rechargeable drill…

I had been robbed!

After calling the police, and going through what was missing with LeAnn, I am missing almost $2000 worth of power tools and hand tools.

The thieves were quite selective as well, since they cleaned me out of hand and power tools, but left my new mower, my gas powered trimmer, all of my yard tools, shovels, pick, wheelbarrow, axe…

All of my camping gear, including my two camp stoves were still there as well.

I am beside myself today. I have never felt so violated, so paranoid. I will be fixing the door on the shed, and changing some of the locks.

What a day.

On our way home from Park City last night, my cast-mates from Poison Ivy Mysteries show "Club Mystique" and I were headding across the valley on I-215. Suddenly, the car to our left changes lanes into us, forcing Jim to quickly react and swerve off of the freeway onto the shoulder (and, thankfully, right back on to the road).

I was sitting in the back seat when this happened - just talking, and not paying a whole lot of attention to the other cars - and as a result my head whipped side to side and I smacked my head on the door frame. Today, my neck and back are killing me, and I have the headache from hell. You just gotta love whiplash.

We were all really lucky that Jim acted so quickly and didn't lose control of the vehicle!  I'm just wondering if anyone else is as sore as I am today.

-Papa Bear
Chris·tian [kris-chuhn]
- of, pertaining to, believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
- a person who believes in Jesus Christ
... - a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ

I am tired of being told I am not a Christian because I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka the Mormons. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and redeemer. I know that it is by His grace that I will one day be able to return to my Father in heaven. I am not perfect. I am flawed. This is why I seek to follow His teachings that through Jesus Christ I can shed my flaws and be perfected.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - A Mormon. And I'm PROUD of it!

-Papa Bear