The newly-designed winter kit is now available for order from Flame Cycling! For just $70 you can get a pair of Thermal Bib Pants and a Long-Sleeved Jersey!

Just go here to order: http://www.flamecycling.com/missing-link-winter-custom-cycling-long-sleeve-jersey-pants-and-thermal-long-sleeve-jersey-thermal-pants.html

-Papa Bear

We have a new kit available for order! It's just $55 plus shipping for the bib shorts and jersey. These come from China, so they take a while to get here, and you will want to order a size larger than you normally do.

I ordered a 2x set of bibs, and they barely fit. I should have went with the 3x like I did with the jersey. The jersey fits perfectly!

It looks great, and feels comfortable with a good chamois. I will be designing a cold-weather set next, and I will add the link here when it's available. For now, here is the link to order your bib/jersey combo...


-Papa Bear

While riding on Antelope Island during the Cycle Salt Lake Century 2012, my brother-in-law Jeff (Moose) was chased by a buffalo.

He was riding with a few people, passing a buffalo that was off the side of the road, eating, when he heard a 'snort' and the pounding of hooves.

He glanced back to see the buffalo coming up on his rear wheel.

Needless to say, Jeff poured on the steam, and managed to 'drop' said buffalo.

I contacted David Wilborn, the artist behind Urban Jungle and asked him if he could draw a picture commemorating the chase.  He did an AWESOME job! 

I have ridden 1085 miles so far this year, combined with about 650 miles last year on this bike (+ almost 2000 more on my previous bike). As you can see, all of these miles are taking their toll on my bike!

The day before yesterday, I had to buy a new chain because I had worn it out. Yesterday on my ride home, my rear tire flatted. When I looked to find the problem, I found my tire coming apart at the tread! This extends all the way around the tire.

I think it's time for new tires! :-)

(PS: that red bar is reflective tape on the back support for my rack).

I wasn't feeling well when I left work yesterday, so I decided to burn it out of me. I climbed from the VA hospital to Primary Children's Medical Center, down to Alta Street and up to 11th Ave.  I then crossed past City Creek Canyon and the north side of the Capitol Building before headding across to the Jordan River Parkway and home.

Along the way, I saw the most beautiful sunset:
You see, normally when I drive a car home from work, this is what I see:
I think I prefer the sunset. How about you?

-Papa Bear
LeAnn and I signed up to ride the FrontRunner Century (metric century) coming up on April 28th 2012. We are going to ride it with her brother Jeff, and use it as a training ride to get ready for the Cycle Salt Lake Century coming up the end of May.

Hope to see more people join us!

-Papa Bear
You know who you are, and although I doubt you will be reading my blog, my hope is someone will tell you about it.

What were you thinking? You see a man on a bicycle, dressed in cold-weather gear, and your alcohol-soaked brain thinks "I could get some money off of him". You need to realize that there are many people who would not hesitate when threatened to attack out of self-preservation.

You are lucky. I could smell the alcohol on your breath from several feet away, and decided to let it go. Take a lesson from today, and don't try it again. One of these days, your prey will become the predator and you will be in a world of hurt.

-Papa Bear


And now an explanation for those of you reading this blog…

I was sitting at the stoplight at 3900 South and 400 West in Salt Lake City this morning at 04:30 while on my way to work. As the light turned green, I heard the pedestrian in the crosswalk say something, and wave to me. I wasn't sure what he said, so I circled back and around him. He then said "Hey, you got a couple bucks I could have? Some loose change?"

I told him I don't carry cash with me when I ride, to which he replied "you'd better re-think that, or I'm gonna have to knock you off of that bike and take it".

I could smell the alcohol on his breath from several feet away, and he was swaying back and forth as he stood there in the middle of the intersection. I simply said "You could try… but I have to warn you; I hold three black belts, and I teach martial arts. It would be a mistake".

As I was saying this he had started to reach for me, but came to a sudden halt. "You serious?" he asked. "Yes" was my answer. He rocked back on his heels to look at me, and I rode off.

As I did, I heard him say again "Really? You're serious?".

I thought for a minute I was going to have to jump off the Mule, and kick this dude's butt. I'm glad he didn't push it, but I hope for his sake he doesn't try it again. Someone else might not hold back, and he's going to get himself hurt.

Ahh, people. You gotta love 'em.


This is an excellent example of one idiot on a bike making all cyclists look bad. Thank you for nothing, you stupid jerk!
I love the comic strip "Frazz". This morning the strip was quite appropriate for me!