You know who you are, and although I doubt you will be reading my blog, my hope is someone will tell you about it.

What were you thinking? You see a man on a bicycle, dressed in cold-weather gear, and your alcohol-soaked brain thinks "I could get some money off of him". You need to realize that there are many people who would not hesitate when threatened to attack out of self-preservation.

You are lucky. I could smell the alcohol on your breath from several feet away, and decided to let it go. Take a lesson from today, and don't try it again. One of these days, your prey will become the predator and you will be in a world of hurt.

-Papa Bear


And now an explanation for those of you reading this blog…

I was sitting at the stoplight at 3900 South and 400 West in Salt Lake City this morning at 04:30 while on my way to work. As the light turned green, I heard the pedestrian in the crosswalk say something, and wave to me. I wasn't sure what he said, so I circled back and around him. He then said "Hey, you got a couple bucks I could have? Some loose change?"

I told him I don't carry cash with me when I ride, to which he replied "you'd better re-think that, or I'm gonna have to knock you off of that bike and take it".

I could smell the alcohol on his breath from several feet away, and he was swaying back and forth as he stood there in the middle of the intersection. I simply said "You could try… but I have to warn you; I hold three black belts, and I teach martial arts. It would be a mistake".

As I was saying this he had started to reach for me, but came to a sudden halt. "You serious?" he asked. "Yes" was my answer. He rocked back on his heels to look at me, and I rode off.

As I did, I heard him say again "Really? You're serious?".

I thought for a minute I was going to have to jump off the Mule, and kick this dude's butt. I'm glad he didn't push it, but I hope for his sake he doesn't try it again. Someone else might not hold back, and he's going to get himself hurt.

Ahh, people. You gotta love 'em.



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